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The 100% online undergraduate and postgraduate diploma courses at Northampton Business school gives students an affordable way to get an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from well-known universities. Our programs lead to membership in Professional bodies in IT, Business, Hotel and Hospitality management and Education.


This is for graduates with a Pass or 3rd class degree who are seeking a Master’s degree in the UK. Our MBA Level 7 program will give your qualifications a boost and allow you apply for a Masters degree in renowned UK Universities.







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Fast Track to University

If you’re seeking to boost your skills, enhance your team, or pursue a professional education, the “Fast Track to University” program offered by the Online Business School is your ideal solution. This program provides comprehensive learning pathways, delivering full undergraduate and postgraduate diploma awards to individuals worldwide. Learners have the opportunity to expedite their journey towards obtaining a UK university qualification, whether they choose to study on campus or via distance learning.

100% Distance Learning and Online Courses

Online learning offers numerous benefits that make it an increasingly popular choice for education. Firstly, it provides flexibility and convenience, allowing learners to access coursework at their own pace and from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility accommodates individuals with busy schedules, jobs, or family commitments. Online learning also fosters a diverse and inclusive environment, enabling people from various backgrounds and locations to connect and learn together. Additionally, it often offers a wide range of courses and programs, making it easier to find specialized content. Cost savings on commuting and materials, as well as reduced environmental impact, further highlight the advantages of online learning in today’s digital age.

Popular Masters courses


Human Resource Management



Strategic Sales Management


Strategic Management and Leadership


Affordable Social Learning That Takes You To University

Experience a unique social learning journey with Online Business School. Our 100% online undergraduate and postgraduate diploma programs offer an exceptional opportunity for students to pursue an affordable pathway towards earning a respected UK university degree.

Whether you’re passionate about hotel and hospitality, computing, or business management, Online Business School’s courses provide the flexibility to further your education. You can seamlessly transition to an undergraduate degree or an MBA through one of our partner universities.

Our university pathway programs come with inclusive professional body memberships and access to complimentary professional development resources. Enjoy 24/7 connectivity from any device, backed by a robust tutor and mentor support structure, and flexible payment options. Elevate your education with Online Business School today.

Popular Undergraduate courses

IT and Computing


IT and E-commerce


IT and Networking



“We are a top tier higher education institution located in Northampton United Kingdom”

Northampton Business School is a top tier higher education institution that offers online academic programmes to learners, working adults, and business organisations. Our programme is presented to a global market place and is professionally oriented. This guarantees that all students will be well-prepared for a professional job as a result of our courses. Our programmes cover a wide range of academic areas, including business, tourism, health and social care, and information technology. Our students at Northampton Business School have a guaranteed path to a variety of top universities in the UK. No matter what your academic goals are, our Qualifi-validated preparation programmes will assist you in adjusting to the British educational system and advancing to the degree of your choice at a UK university.

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The 100% online undergraduate and postgraduate diploma courses at Northampton Business School gives students an affordable way to get an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from one of a number of well-known UK universities. Our programs lead to membership in a professional bodies in IT, Business, Hotel and hospitality management and Education.