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Who are we?

A top-tier UK higher education institution, Northampton Business School offers online academic programmes to learners, working adults, and business organisations. Our programme is presented to a global market place and is professionally oriented. This guarantees that all students will be well-prepared for a professional job as a result of our courses. Our programmes cover a wide range of academic areas, including business, tourism, health and social care, and information technology. Our students at Northampton Business School have a guaranteed path to a variety of top universities in the UK. No matter what your academic goals are, our Qualifi-validated preparation programmes will assist you in adjusting to the British educational system and advancing to the degree of your choice at a UK university.

Affordable online courses that you can take

The 100% online undergraduate and postgraduate diploma courses at Northampton Business School gives students an affordable way to get an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from one of a number of well-known UK universities. Our programs lead to membership in a professional bodies in IT, Business, Hotel and hospitality management and Education.

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